Staffall Inc. is pleased to announce the acquisition of U.S.Terminals Inc. as part of its Custom Electronic Terminals, Connectors and Components Hardware.
A Story about the founder of U.S. Terminals.
U.S Terminals was founded by Hilliard Dozier.

Hilliard went to the University of Cincinnati Engineering College after returning from his service in W.W.II as a B-17g lead pilot of a squadron, having done 35 successful bombing missions.  Both he and his farther were decorated war heroes with numerous medals, including the George V medal and the D.S.I. to name only a few. After he was married, he was asked by his father-in-law to go into business together. They began making a lot of machined parts. Some of these parts were for fishing reels and fishing rods.  Hilliard had a way to centerless grind long tapers so as to make tapered rods and this led to making fishing floaters, also called "bobbers".  After acquiring more machinery, especially swiss- screw machines, they began to manufacture small parts and ended up with many customers, some of whom were in the military and aerospace areas.  Eventually, they made parts that went into the Gemini and Apollo space projects and the lunar modules.
Hilliard S. Dozier
Feb. 4, 1924 - Nov. 9, 2016
During his tenure as president of U.S. Terminals, Hilliard invented various items and ended up with 19 patents, one for the "Slip-Lock" Terminal which is a very clever design.  The uniqueness of this design occurs after the insertion of the terminal in the chassis, the lug is fully inserted which expands the minor diameter of the bushing and securely locks the terminal into the hole.
As testimony from Hilliard's daughter, Peggy, Hilliard was always coming up with new designs and she used to hear him say, "Well, back to the drawing board" when things did not go according to his plans.  And although drawing boards are now replaced by computer graphics, she said it was her dad's approach to always keep on trying, to never throw in the towel just because you are disappointed, but to keep up the effort until you get to where you want to go.
Peggy also remembers another one of her father's saying was to
"Keep your integrity, make honorable decisions, and then hope like hell that luck is on your side".
Staffall Inc. has continued the manufacturing of terminals designed by Hilliard Dozier.  We at Staffall have noticed many interesting and unique designs that reflect the ingenuity of Hilliard. Hilliard past-away on November 9th, 2016.

Written by Ernest Crivellone, President, Staffall Inc.
U.S.Terminals Inc. with 65 years in the terminal and connector manufacturing operations, shipped its last order in August 2015. Staffall is fully equipped and pleased to serve all U.S.Terminals customers and continue its reputation for quality and reliability.
US Terminals Inc. is confident after its extensive research in finding a successor to its business, that Staffall Inc. will prove to be an excellent quality, reliable manufacturer for all your needs. Staffall has manufactured electronic hardware for over 40 years is is very familiar with the U.S.Terminals product line. Staffall Inc. provides a variety of OEMs and distributors with terminals, test jacks, and other insulated and non-insulated electronic hardware. It is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company and supplies components to the major aerospace companies.
The customer service contact at Staffall is Diane Yingling (401-461-5554)